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DVD Manga Sex - La Blue Girl 5&6

Import Manga Porno - Engels gesproken Hentai sex film - geen nl. ondertiteling

DVD Manga Sex - La Blue Girl 5&6

La Blue Girl 5&6 - The thriller climax! 
Clash of the sex ninjas! 
Supernatural sex ninja Miko Mido lives to punish perverted demons, but even hell has no fury like another woman. Now Miko finds herself under the spell of a cunning competitor, a raunchy rival who burns with jealousy over Miko's expert skills in love. She'll stop at nothing to steal the secret of the Sex Craft, including hypnotizing Miko to obey her every whim. If Miko can't overcome this magic, she'll suffer ultimate humiliation at the hands of a woman who knows no mercy. 
Production Year: 1992 Rating: Adult Running Time: 90 min 
Hentai Manga Sex DVD Anime - Import geen NL ondertiteling

euro 8.89


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